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Internet Connection and Resources

A directory of free WiFi hotspots: https://www.wififreespot.com/ca.html 

Temporary FREE broadband Internet service is now available from some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) for 1-2 months, but each provider only serves certain areas.

Cox serves the Irvine and surrounding areas, but only offers 1 month of free service.

Internet Essentials/Comcast and Spectrum offer limited duration (60 days) free service, but they don't serve the Irvine area.

Discounted broadband Internet options information:



 Wellness Resources

Graduate Division Support Group and Counseling Appointments
The UCI Graduate Division (Academic Counseling) will be working to start a virtual support group for graduate students and post-docs. More information to follow. In the meantime, students can email pbluong@uci.edu or dunnes@uci.edu to schedule a remote (Zoom) counseling appointment.

Additional Resources include:
Emergency Grants: Up to $2,000 emergency grants available for students facing a basic needs emergency. ***Please note that only those students who have already taken out all their loans are eligible to receive an emergency grant.*** Application and instructions on how to submit can be found at bit.ly/ECRTGrant
or click on the application site, https://basicneeds.uci.edu/get-resources/ecrt-grant.php.

UCI Basic Needs Food Pantry:
basicneeds.uci.edu/covid19.php | fresh@uci.edu | text 949.473.2806

Email calfresh@uci.edu.

UCI Campus Social Worker
Experiencing financial stress, food/housing insecurity and other stressors and want support and guidance? Book a 30-minute consultation via Zoom with Campus Social Worker Peter Thach at calendly.com/peter-fresh or 949.824.0101.

Domestic Violence Hotline
Provides crisis intervention and information and referrals to people who have experienced domestic violence, and those calling on their behalf.  Call 877.854.3594.

Resources and referral for survivors of sexual assault. Call 949.831.9110.

Call 949.824.7273.

Orange County Child Protective Services  
Call 714.940.1000 or 800.207.4464



Faculty and Staff Support Service

Negar Shekarabi, Psy.D.
Coordinator, Faculty & Staff Support Services
Wellness, Health & Counseling Services
P: 949-824-5208 | F: 949-824-7007 | W: whcs.uci.edu

Employee Assistance Program
If you would like access to free, confidential counseling services for you or your family, contact ComPsych Guidance Resources, your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (844)824-3273 to make an appointment in person, by phone, or virtually. You may contact them online: www.guidanceresources.com (Web ID:UCIEAP3) or via and APP: Download the GuidanceNow App (Google Play or the AppStore)

Academic Appointment Leave Policy
The guidance addresses special considerations for leaves taken by academic appointees as a result of COVID-19. All academic appointees, policy-covered and represented and including students, are eligible for the COVID-19-related leave described below.

Our Behavioral Health Plans:
Negar Shekarabi kindly  looked over the three behavioral health plans our faculty and staff might have (Anthem, Optum/Kaiser, and MHN). She highlighted some specific options that each plan has put into place to provide additional support at this time.

Optum Public Crisis Line: Our toll-free emotional support help line at (866) 342-6892 is free of charge and available to anyone, so you can share it with family and friends. Caring professionals will connect people to resources. It will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Feeling the strain of coronavirus? myStrength is here to help. myStrength has added resources for managing heightened stress and uncertainty brought on by the current coronavirus threat. We’ve launched 6 new resources, with more to be added soon, to address what’s top of mind for you now. Learn to manage stress, get tips for parenting challenges, and find support for your emotional health in the midst of COVID-19. Together, we can  get through it. The myStrength COVID-19 and Mental Wellness resources are available now, at this link: https://app.mystrength.com/login/
If you do not have an existing myStrength account, click “create a new account” and register using the access code: HNWELL

Anthem members can access LiveHealth Online where they can speak with a mental health professional quickly online for a full range of services: https://www.ucppoplans.com/ucc/get-care/virtual-care/livehealth-online-psychology



Virtual Backgrounds

Download these custom school, department and Anteater virtual backgrounds for use in Zoom: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-qO42IHamu1tTTCgAUXAbWQN6Y4kjQ_n?usp=sharing 


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