updates: DTEI, visitors and events, commencement

Bill Maurer
Wednesday May 12 16:43:03 PDT 2021

    Dear social sciences faculty, staff, lecturers, researchers, and grad

    A few updates! First, a huge thank you to everyone who was involved in
    our Academic Program Review last week. It was grueling--especially for
    our dedicated external reviewers, who participated virtually, from all
    over the country--but it was rewarding. I know we will gain insight into
    our programs and structure from the external committee, and look forward
    to working with you all to build on our school's successes.

    Meanwhile, a few items:

    1) The call for instructors to receive support from Summer DTEI fellows
    has gone out. The deadline to apply for DTEI fellow support is May 31.
    Janet DiVincenzo has very helpfully prepared the attached PDF to guide
    you through the (somewhat lengthy) Qualtrics survey. If you have any
    questions about the DTEI program, please feel free to reach out to Janet
    (jdivince@uci.edu), and than you, Janet!

    2) Visitors to campus: I know people are wondering about events,
    speakers, visiting scholars, Fulbright fellows, or other academic
    visitors for 2021-22.

    For now: If you would like to host a research visitor in the Fall, for
    any length of time, please complete the Research Phase 3 approval form
    (https://forms.gle/A6Fi6g23vsv1q3un8), incorporating your visitor as
    part of your research plan.

    It is highly likely that the UC system will require all visitors to have
    been vaccinated for Covid. Expect official word in the coming weeks.

    3) Events: We're still awaiting new guidance from the campus, which is
    awaiting updated guidance from the California Occupational Health and
    Safety Administration, on in-person gatherings (a "gathering" is defined
    as > 10 people. A gaggle of geese, a kaleidoscope of butterflies... a
    gathering of humans). Regardless, we're going to maintain our previously
    announced hiatus on food at any in-person events, through the Fall quarter.

    4) Budget situation and honoraria: In spite of the state's relatively
    good budget news, we are still in the same situation we've been in since
    the pandemic began, and expect to remain in a very tightly constrained
    resource environment. Funds in the state coffers do not equal funds
    flowing down to the UC, and we still need to plug the holes created by
    the pandemic. We are therefore going to maintain the cap on honoraria at
    $250. Exceptions will be granted only rarely and with appropriate
    justification. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

    5) Commencement: If you'd like to record a short short word of congrats
    to our graduates, please do so! I emailed faculty and staff about this
    yesterday, but please contact Heather Ashbach (hashbach@uci.edu) if you
    can't find that email and want to participate in our collective video
    message. This is our own initiative, separate from the "formal" virtual
    commencement activities the campus is hosting.

    Grad students: If you're graduating this year and want to be hooded --
    in person! by your advisor or me, if your advisor is not available --
    please see Jennifer Gerson and Mike McBride's email from 5/10.

    We're entering the home stretch of the quarter and academic year. Hang
    in there, everyone, and thanks for all your efforts.