Orange County in the purple tier on the blueprint

Bill Maurer
Tuesday November 17 15:22:41 PDT 2020

    Dear social sciences faculty, staff, grad students, lecturers and researchers,

    Greetings, everyone. As you will have seen from the Provost's
    message, Orange County--like most of the state--is now in the "Purple
    Tier." This is the most restrictive tier in the state's "blueprint"
    for managing Covid-19. There is also a new travel advisory that
    requests anyone traveling outside the state quarantine for 14 days
    upon their return. The UC's own travel restrictions are still in
    effect, prohibiting all non-essential university related travel.
    Undergrads have been told that if they leave campus for Thanksgiving,
    they should either not return until January, or be ready to quarantine
    for 14 days upon their return.

    What does all this mean for us? Already-approved Phase 2 research
    activities can continue, but please review your plan and make sure
    you and members of your research team are complying with it. Please
    also respond promptly to the forthcoming request from Allison Marks
    for the names of faculty, research staff, grad students who are
    participating in your research per your approved plan. If you have
    questions about Phase 2 research, please contact Mike McBride
    ( All other on campus, in-person gatherings are
    banned, as is most indoor activity. For those with children in
    school, the schools that had opened before now can remain open. New
    school reopenings, however, are on hold until we leave the Purple
    Tier. In LA, of course, which never left purple, schools remain
    operating remotely.

    For many of us, our day to day will look the same. But I again ask
    everyone please to complete the daily wellness check (Working Well)
    via app or email, and continue to maintain safe practices: physical
    distancing, face coverings, hand washing. And be extra vigilant
    when you are out and about.

    Social Sciences has built a terrific set of programs, lectures,
    film screenings, discussion groups, and more to keep us all connected
    and working together in our "remote" environment. To those currently
    teaching--or preparing for Winter--thank you very much for all the
    work you are doing to help our students learn despite all the
    disruptions everyone is experiencing. They appreciate it, and so
    do I. I'm so proud too of our exceptional staff, who are keeping
    the trains running on time and our operations going smoothly.

    As we enter the home stretch of the quarter, and what will be a
    most unusual holiday season, thank you all for your dedication to
    maintaining our vibrant community. Please stay safe!