mid-week, mid-quarter check in

Bill Maurer
Wednesday November 4 17:45:31 PDT 2020

    Dear social sciences faculty, lecturers, staff, grad students and

    We're midway through the quarter and despite the high drama of the
    elections a lot of things in our immediate institutional context
    are going pretty well. I just wanted to email a few updates and

    Updates: We can expect remote instruction to be the dominant mode
    of teaching in spring and summer. (Summer Session has already told
    us that Summer will be remote). The UC Office of the President has
    told its own staff that they should expect to continue to telecommute
    through June. I bet we're in the same boat.

    Expect more news regarding "curtailment," i.e., "we're not calling
    it a furlough but it will be a few days of either unpaid leave or
    vacation days around Winter break." This is distinct from another
    announcement for staff soon about the campus being closed from
    December 18 to the end of the year, for which staff can use a
    combination of vacation days or leave without pay. I know it's
    confusing. Natalie Cook will be able to answer staff members'
    questions. When we know more about curtailment, Natalie and I will
    guide the faculty.

    Reminders: The administration has asked everyone to complete the
    short UCLC online course about safety protocols. If you do intend
    to come to campus, even for a brief visit to pick something up,
    please inform your department manager so we can control occupancy
    to under 30% of normal.

    Now, you might be asking, "Why do I need to watch a video training
    about hand washing and what to do if my coworker sneezes all over
    my computer keyboard?" And in fact some of you have asked exactly
    that. UC Irvine has decided to just keep beating the public health
    protocol drum over and over and over and over and over... because
    we know that people get sloppy and get into each other's space,
    forget to bring a mask, etc. when they're on campus. We know THAT
    because people report it to us. The alternative would be much more
    direct monitoring or surveillance. I prefer our existing approach.
    Let's do what we can to keep each other safe and healthy.

    Research re-start: As I've written before, if you would like to
    apply to re-start research activities on campus, please submit your
    request to Associate Dean McBride here:

    Feel free to email him at mcbride@uci.edu if you have any questions.

    Teaching support: Janet DiVincenzo and our faculty coaches remain
    at your service to assist by helping you plan or brainstorm about
    your Winter and Spring courses. More info here. If you have questions,
    problems, or need any kind of advice or help planning your teaching,
    please reach out!

    That's all for now! Thank you for all that you are doing in support
    of our mission of teaching, research, and service! And for taking
    care of each other along the way, too.