Silverado Canyon fire disruptions

Bill Maurer
Monday October 26 15:35:31 PDT 2020

    Dear social sciences faculty, staff, lecturers, grad students and researchers,

    As you all know from the multiple text and email alerts, the Silverado
    Canyon Fire is creating unhealthy air conditions and disrupting
    campus activities. It is also impacting members of our social
    sciences community who have had to evacuate on short notice earlier
    today. I ask for everyone's consideration of others over the next
    few days as those more severely impacted do what they need to do
    to be safe and take care of themselves and their loved ones. (A
    relative who was evacuated is showing up any minute now to crash
    in my guest room).

    The Provost’s email below includes links for up-to-date information
    about the fires, including evacuation zones.

    If you’d like to sign up for alerts for Orange County, please see
    the following site:

    For the most up to date information provided by the campus, please

    If you are working on-site: please go home! We can expect a message
    from the campus when conditions have improved enough for those
    working on campus to return.

    If you are affected by the fires, please focus on keeping you and
    your family safe. When you are able to do so, please check in with
    your supervisor so that we know you are safe. If there is anything
    that you need, please let your supervisor, me, or Assistant Dean
    Ávila ( know so we can direct you to sources of
    information and support.

    Please take good care, and stay safe!