Save this email: Reporting Covid-19 cases

Bill Maurer
Thursday September 10 14:24:32 PDT 2020

    Dear social sciences staff, faculty, lecturers, grad students and researchers,

    The pace of my messages might pick up as we approach the start of
    the quarter, but for today, I only want to convey one very important
    piece of information. Save this email and even print it out for
    future reference!

    The campus has announced procedures for reporting confirmed, suspected
    or potential exposure cases of Covid-19. The main message is to
    call or email the UC Irvine Coronavirus Response Center at 949-824-9918
    or Please review the one-page document attached
    for definitions of these kinds of cases, and instructions on what
    to do.

    The document also lists the procedures for informing Environmental
    Health and Safety depending on whether an affected person is in a
    campus office, lab, or other facility, as well as information
    regarding confidentiality of identifiable health information.

    Please print out the attached one-page document (also available
    here). Reviewing this document now and saving this message in case
    you ever need it will be crucial to our ensuring a safe environment
    as people begin to trickle in to the campus.

    Be well,