Recent ICE announcement re: international student visas--stay tuned

Bill Maurer
Monay July 6 17:08:22 PDT 2020

    Dear social sciences community,

    You may have seen the distressing news that Immigration and Customs
    Enforcement (ICE) has issued new regulations regarding international
    student visas that would not allow student F-1 visa holders to remain in
    the country if their college or university is offering exclusively
    online instruction in the fall. Associate Dean McBride has already
    emailed the chairs and graduate directors to prepare to create some
    options, including adding in-person components to some graduate classes,
    albeit with whatever accommodations we will be allowed given the
    pandemic. Vice Provost Hayes is working with her counterparts, as well,
    and we expect a message from the Provost very soon. We will receive
    further guidance on the undergraduate situation, too, also likely to
    include creative means of making some hybrid instructional activities.
    The UC Office of the President is also moving rapidly to address this
    challenge and provide guidance.

    I know that this only adds to the already considerable stress and
    uncertainty we are all facing. The school, campus, and UC system--and
    higher education across the country--are working to challenge and
    mitigate this (new) threat to our pursuit of knowledge and our
    intellectual community. The Associate Deans and I will keep you
    informed, and will email specific groups of you as warranted. More to

    Stay well,