Soc Sci Procedures for Coming onto Campus for Research and Teaching

Bill Maurer
Tuesday June 16 15:05:12 PDT 2020

  Dear Social Sciences faculty, staff, research personnel, grad students
  and lecturers,

  The campus is moving into Phase 2 and people are beginning to return to
  campus. Social sciences will proceed slowly and deliberately. Please
  read this message for important instructions regarding returning to
  our buildings.

  1) The default for almost all activities will remain
  telecommuting/remote. The staff will continue working remotely except
  in rare circumstances.

  2) Some faculty, lecturers and grad students may have been coming onto
  campus to conduct state-approved instructional activities (recording
  lectures and so forth). This is allowed to continue. However, EVERYONE who
  wants to enter campus buildings - including for instructional purposes -
  MUST now do the following, as of today:

    a. Complete the UC Learning Center online course on returning to 
    campus. It is short (20 minutes or so), informative, and required
    (and has some unintentionally funny animations).  To take the course,
    login at, click on Find a Course, and
    search for “Returning to Campus.”

    b. Before coming to campus each day, you must complete 
    a wellness self-check either via response to the Daily
    Symptom Check Email or via the Daily Symptom Check Smart 
    Phone App.  Information about daily checks can be found here: These daily checks
    must be conducted until they are no longer required by the campus.
    [Remember: If you decide NOT to return to campus, you do not need
    to undertake steps (a) and (b). All you need to do is stay home!]

  3) If you are returning (or continuing to come on campus) for teaching
  purposes, you must inform your department manager.

  4) If you are returning for research purposes, you must first
  submit an application indicating your safety assessment and
  research safety plan.  If your request is approved, your
  department manager will be informed. Associate dean McBride
  has already sent information on the approval process. You may
  access the application for restarting research on campus here:

  5) Department managers will ask you to indicate the times/days you intend
  to be on campus. They will be responsible for tracking occupancy so that
  we never exceed 30% of “normal” occupancy in our buildings. They may
  need to ask you to adjust your schedule if it looks like we’re going
  beyond that limit though we are hoping that by using a shared calendar
  everyone will make an effort to self-regulate.  Please be on the lookout
  for additional information from your department manager.

  6) Social sciences facilities staff will deliver protective supplies
  to your office or lab once they have been notified by your department
  manager or associate dean McBride that you will be coming to campus. If
  you expect you will need a large volume of such supplies (in a lab
  involving human subjects, for example), please contact Allison Marks
  ( and we will work with you to determine how best to
  accommodate your projected need.

  Remember that all of these precautions are to protect everyone’s health
  and reduce the risk of infection as well as the chance that the campus
  will need to roll back or further slow its reopening. Remember, too,
  that our default remains telecommuting/remote. Finally, the situation
  might change at a moment’s notice due to changes in the infection
  rate. If you don't need to come to campus, please continue as you are!

  Thank you all very much for your adherence to these procedures should
  you decide you must return to campus during Phase 2.