Important update: we are going 'remote' starting tomorrow

Bill Maurer
Sun Mar 15 12:56:06 PDT 2020
Dear all social sciences faculty, lecturers, staff and grad students,

I will paste below an important message from the interim Provost. Telecommuting
and remote ... remote everything will now commence beginning tomorrow, Monday. 
Only critical staff are allowed to report to work. We will arrange for office 
access for those who need to retrieve materials or equipment and will send 
around a contact list soon of whom to reach to meet your needs. Your department
manager is your primary point of contact (just as in normal times!!). Assistant
Dean Ávila is emailing supervisory staff now with details on maintaining 
operational continuity,  and she and I will be on campus tomorrow to batten 
down the hatches! (And I will learn what that means, too!)

Meanwhile: I know everyone has a lot going on dealing with exams, prep for 
spring, as well as everyone's own lives and arrangements given school closures 
and so on. Take a deep breath. Let it all out. And we will get through this 
together, albeit apart!

Thank you all. I know this is hard. I will refrain from further email til 
tomorrow at 4pm. 


From interim provost Hal Stern:

I believe most of you have seen this information from one source or another.  
But am sending to the full group for completeness sake.

To minimize the spread of the coronavirus and its impact on our health care 
system it is critically important that we have people work from home to the 
maximum extent possible for at least the next three weeks.  Please reach out
to your staffs and make this happen.  If you want to learn a bit more about the 
motivation for this approach you may want to read  the link below (or others 
like it that are circulating).

Thank you very much for your attention to this.