Finals Week!

Bill Maurer
Monday June 8 17:03:47 PDT 2020

  Dear all,

  Welcome to Finals Week! I'll keep it short today. Faculty and research
  staff will have seen Associate Dean McBride's email regarding Phase 2
  resumption of research activity. Please review it carefully and be
  mindful of the fact that entering Phase 2 does NOT mean we all come back
  to campus to resume on-site research activities. There is an
  application, review, and approval process. Again, please review that
  email from Mike.

  We have an all-staff meeting tomorrow for non-academic staff, at 10am,
  during which we'll discuss results from the staff survey. These results
  will help guide us as we plan the resumption of on-campus staff
  activities. And, again, it's not going to happen tomorrow or next week
  or next month but will be a slow, deliberate process, once we know we
  have appropriate protocols in place.

  And we're also planning some concrete steps to further the School's
  mission of inclusion in the wake of the most recent incidents of
  anti-Black violence. I look forward to working with you all in that
  important, ongoing project. Stay tuned for a set of announcements soon,
  as well as invitations for your input and assistance.

  Please continue to stay safe and healthy. Grad students, best wishes for
  your final exams or papers this week!