reopening, accommodating students, and the necessary work

Bill Maurer
Tuesday June 2 16:19:34 PDT 2020

  Dear social sciences faculty, grad students, lecturers and staff,

  I hope everyone is finding time for some self-care while engaging in all
  the other necessary, difficult and important work that needs to be done
  for the world, not limited to our own little corner of higher education
  and its values and ideals.

  There are a lot of emails circulating. Let me provide some context for
  a few of the messages that might be on people's minds:

  1) Campus reopening: Despite all the emails, the plans have not changed
  from what I've been writing all along. We're moving into Phase 2,
  there will be a process for submitting requests for resuming low-risk
  research activities, and we'll move toward 30% occupancy gradually,
  over time. Note that the Chancellor's desire of "50%" is for the entire
  campus, not any one school, and there are some parts of campus that will
  resume activities that permit for additional personnel on site faster
  than we are able (mainly because those activities involve research with
  inorganic and non-human materials and subjects).

  2) Necessary cleaning supplies for reopening: Some of you will have
  received a few emails about PPE, disinfectants, gloves, masks and so
  forth. Some supplies are being procured and distributed centrally. Others,
  for more specialized spaces or uses, will be procured in the
  School. Gregory Gallardo and Allison Marks will be our central points
  of contact for any questions, as well as for ordering and distribution
  of such supplies. Expect messages from them in the coming weeks. Please
  do NOT go out and start purchasing such supplies on your own.

  3) Student well-being and instructor flexibility with respect to Week 10
  assignments and final exams: This morning, Associate Dean Castellanos and
  I emailed those currently teaching, outlining some recommendations and
  policy matters (such as the late P/NP and late drop options--deadline,
  June 5) available for our students. The Senate has also emailed similar
  guidance. Please, please be extra mindful of the incredible stress our
  students are under and be as accommodating as possible.

  Our faculty and grad students have been in the news a good deal this
  week too. I'll send a roundup at week's end. But meanwhile, enjoy this
  picture in the digital version of today's New York Times of Profs Goodman
  and Thomsen, socializing in socially-distant fashion!

  Please take care, and thank you for all that you are doing, "inside"
  UCI and beyond,