Friday's message

Bill Maurer
Friday May 29 17:20:41 PDT 2020

  Dear social sciences community,

  The end of week 9! Almost there. I spent most of the day conferring with
  my counterparts at other UCs (other deans of social science). We spent the
  bulk of our time brainstorming about a social science-driven argument for
  renewed investment in the UC system--building a case that now is the time
  to invest, and rebuild, especially in the context of the ongoing pandemic
  and its economic aftershocks. We have an important role in supporting all
  the residents of the state of California through our research, teaching,
  and service, and by being a giant employer, purchaser, and service
  provider. But it was a very wide ranging conversation, from ensuring
  campuses have resources to address student and employee mental health,
  to housing and food security, to our role in driving social mobility,
  and in helping chart the course forward as the pandemic continues while
  we gradually re-emerge back into in-person social spaces. They were all
  very interested in what UC Irvine is doing, particularly the Office of
  Research's research reopening planning process we've been keeping you
  informed about. UC Irvine seems to be rather far ahead of the pack.

  I enjoyed reading the story on Prof Carter Butts' new grant on effective
  communication strategies during a crisis, and watched from afar (really,
  just the next virtual window over...) as emails piled up in my Inbox
  while many people in the School worked on additional instructional support
  for Fall (and thank you Rachel, Jennifer, and Allison, for all your help
  today!). There's some new Human Research Protections that will apply to
  some of us (those who do education research; those with large project
  teams; those who use Social Ecology's subject pool). These will be emailed
  next week, but you get a sneak peek by clicking the link. Other odds
  and ends, and lots to follow up with over the weekend. Don't worry--I've
  got some fun planned, too.

  And so does Ginger. Clearly.

  Enjoy the weekend, take some time to disconnect, and see you next week!