don't forget today is actually Tuesday....

Bill Maurer
Tuesday May 26 17:25:21 PDT 2020

  Dear social sciences community,

  I hope everyone enjoyed their three-day weekend and filled it with fun,
  relaxation, or catch-up on whatever projects have been occupying you,
  academic or otherwise. Ben Hernandez from our facilities team shared
  a poignant video at the staff coffee break today of our buildings and
  grounds--empty, but waiting for our return! As I've repeatedly reminded
  everyone, however, it will still take some time.

  Tomorrow marks our first-ever Diversity Awards Celebration. Thanks
  to Associate Dean Belinda Robnett for all her hard work on this,
  and congrats to our award winners! Allison sent around the details in
  yesterday's weekly memo.

  And a nice roster of faculty and a grad student made it into the media
  over this long weekend, including Sabrina Strings (Sociology) in the New
  York Times and Priyaranjan Jha (Econ) in The Indian Express. See below!

  That's about all I've got for today. It's a short week--make the most
  of it!


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