surveys, summer support, sharing other info for the day

Bill Maurer
Thursday May 21 16:53:01 PDT 2020

    Dear social sciences community,

    The results of our staff survey are in! We'll be sharing them in various
    ways in the coming week, but before I dig into the results I just wanted
    to say a big thank you to all the staff members who took the time to
    complete it. It will really help us understand your concerns and better
    plan for whatever our eventual reopenings and returnings will look
    like. Thank you!

    Second, for grad students: If you are interested in being a DTEI Fellow
    and have not applied yet, please do! The application is short and can be
    completed in just a few minutes. It is also helping the campus identify
    the need for additional grad student support for summer. Interestingly
    enough I learned today that our campus is creatively repurposing funds
    saved due to the pandemic--like, funds that would have been spent on
    travel--to support our students. I'm pretty proud of that, given that
    I know it is not the case at some of our sister campuses. Vice Provost
    Gillian Hayes and our own Associate Dean Mike McBride and his staff are
    working hard to ensure we get additional support for our grad students
    this summer and more support in the Fall that will also help faculty
    and lecturers teaching remotely.

    Speaking of which, I know those preparing to teach in summer and fall
    are getting anxious--but a lot of new resources will be rolled out
    in the coming days and weeks to help. I am not sure I am supposed to
    share this BUT, heck, it's live and on the Internet, and information
    wants to be free, right? Here is the (draft?) of Vice Provost Dennin's
    team's new website to provide some tips on planning your classes:

    Research grants: Please don't forget that the Social Science Research
    Council's interdisciplinary soc sci grants application deadline is
    June 30. If you are interested in applying, please contact Holly Hapke

    Prof. Bob Uriu in Political Science sent along the attached book,
    produced by his undergrad students in their seminar this quarter, on
    how East Asian countries are responding to the pandemic. It's a pretty
    impressive piece of work! Thanks for sharing, Bob!

    And, yes, it's Thursday. You know what that means? A Rufus picture!

    Stay safe,


East Asia and the COVID-19 Pandemic