Wednesday's message!

Bill Maurer
Wednesday May 13 17:40:45 PDT 2020
    Dear social sciences grad students, faculty, staff and lecturers,

    Were you as startled as I by the email--sent in error--about the
    "mandatory COVID-19 symptom checker"? I was so startled, I sent a little
    nastygram about it. I know it was upsetting to many of you, and I have
    registered our collective displeasure.
    On to happier items, a little bird from the National Academy of Education
    told me that TWO of our faculty are among the nation's 30 National
    Academy of Education Spencer Foundation Fellows for 2020! But I am not
    supposed to publicly announce it, so shhhhh! (The two awardees know who
    they are, and again, a hearty congratulations!). Heather will put out
    a press release so we can all celebrate together in due course.
    Faculty will have received an important message from Executive Committee
    Chair Evan Schofer about research and travel funds. Please read it,
    and note the extension of the deadline for using these funds, which
    come from the Academic Senate, our faculty governing body. Since their
    use for travel is pretty much out, Evan provides ideas about how to use
    them to support our graduate students.
    And the Libraries sent around some useful information, which I will link
    to here.
    I was in an enrollment planning meeting this morning where we were
    discussing how the pandemic will have an ongoing impact for at least the
    next three cohorts of incoming students--in terms of their preparedness
    for college, their attitudes toward attending college when so much has
    been disrupted already, and the alignment between their aspirations and
    their and their families' economic precarity. That's pretty sobering,
    but provides a reality-check for us as we continue to plan for summer,
    fall, and beyond. This thing is going to have rolling effects for a long
    time. We all have a crucial part to play. I am, as ever, so grateful for
    everyone's hard work, under such trying circumstances, on behalf of the
    university and all that it represents.
    Stay safe!