Week 7--here we go!

Bill Maurer
Monday May 11 16:54:39 PDT 2020
    Dear social sciences community,

    As the Chancellor's message this afternoon put it, we're nearing the end
    of the beginning, and getting ready to step tentatively into the light
    of a new day. The campus is beginning to roll out its plans for a staged
    reopening of the campus. Another message has just arrived from the
    Office of Research, and I expect one more from Human Resources before
    the sun goes down, regarding teleworking transitions. Later this week,
    I've got a meeting with the other deans and the Libraries, to discuss
    plans for access to library materials and study spaces.
    Here in Social Sciences, we are completing our own data collection on
    the remote teaching and learning experience and assessing what
    additional resources we may need for summer session and Fall quarter. We
    are also preparing to survey the staff for their input on what kind of
    return to campus workspaces we want to envision together--to ensure
    everyone's health and safety as well as our desire to get back.
    We'll be breaking down what the guidance from the central administration
    will mean for the School of Social Sciences, so expect more from me over
    the next few days.
    Also: People teaching this quarter will be happy to know that we have
    extended our arrangement with Janet DiVincenzo to serve our faculty,
    lecturers and grad students who are currently teaching or making plans
    for summer and fall. Thank you, Janet!
    It will be a busy week. Welcome to Week 7!