some Thursday updates

Bill Maurer
Thursday May 7 16:08:16 PDT 2020
    Dear social sciences faculty, lecturers, staff and grad students,

    A few updates for Thursday:
    1) Grad students: There have been questions about residency status in
    cases where students are away from California due to the pandemic. Vice
    Provost Hayes assured me that there will be flexibility. The UC Office
    of the President guidance on the relaxation of residency requirements
    due to Covid-19 can be found at
    2) The Center on Population, Inequality and Policy hosted its second panel
    on the economic impact of Covid-19. It was a super if somewhat sobering
    forum focused on the effects on students' education and job market
    prospects, but also well worth watching for tips on helping our students
    succeed academically right now, as well as guidance on what students
    can do now to make themselves more competitive on the job market. You
    can view it  here. You may even wish to share it with your students,
    and set up time for a discussion about it. (Mainly focused on undergrads).
    3) We have three very cool events tomorrow, too! The SSARC will host a
    virtual (Bring Your Own) Bagel Friday on the video game, Animal Crossing
    (studious readers will remember, Nintendo recently cut the in-game
    interest rate to stimulate virtual spending); we'll have our next Zot
    Zeries, featuring Sara Goodman (Poli Sci) on partisanship during the
    pandemic; and we will launch our new Thriving in the Academic Program
    focusing on the needs of first-gen and underrepresented racial-ethnic
    minority faculty (with huge thanks to Associate Dean Belinda Robnett!). As
    always, links to these virtual events are posted here.
    It's hot outside! Rufus says: