short and sweet

Bill Maurer
Wednesday Apr 29 17:05:25 PDT 2020
    Dear all,

    Many of you were just in the annual school visit with the Chancellor
    and interim Provost, and I want to thank you again for turning out and
    asking some terrific questions. We can expect more updates in the coming
    days and weeks as plans unfold, particularly with respect to graduate
    student needs, what re-opening will look like, and support for remote
    instruction, especially for our large lecture classes in the fall. It
    was a real pleasure to moderate that session, so again, thanks for your
    engaged participation, even under the "remote" circumstances.
    Moderating: Well, it's what I've been doing for a good chunk of the day,
    in fact. We hosted a panel of elected officials this morning including
    Mayor Shea and Representative Correa, among others. It was pre-recorded
    due to some scheduling issues and to avoid Zoombombing (and you'll see at
    least two of our electeds are still learning how to unmute themselves,
    which I find delicious given that a good chunk of their job is to fill
    the air with the sound of their voices). Nevertheless: I found it to be
    a fascinating discussion, and appreciated the opportunity to hear first
    hand from officials from the municipal, county, state and federal level
    talk about our collective response to the pandemic. You can view it here.
    I'll keep this short! Happy Wednesday!