free range Spanish children and other joyful tidings

Bill Maurer
Tuesday Apr 28 17:01:12 PDT 2020
    Dear grad students, faculty, lecturers and staff,

    I hope everyone is doing well today and finding the time to balance
    life and work now that so much of life and work are taking place in
    the same physical and virtual spaces. Becky shared with me these joyful
    photos of Spanish children re-emerging from their long confinement. I
    hope you enjoy them, too. We're not quite there yet, but the Governor
    today announced a rubric for a staged re-opening. In the coming days,
    the campus will be sharing with deans and associate deans a sort of "how
    are we going to start up again?" self assessment tool to help initiate
    the planning process for Fall instruction. We'll get there.
    Meanwhile, as some of you have already heard, the planned expansion of
    Summer Session is happening, and grad students will be receiving word
    from Summer Session about your proposed course offerings, if you haven't
    already. We're in discussions with the Graduate Division, too, about
    additional summer support for grad students. Again, stay tuned. I know
    "keep waiting!" is not fun to hear, but everyone is trying to juggle a
    lot of needs, and in suboptimal working conditions that make setting
    up meetings to make decisions a challenge. Reading a lot of Excel
    spreadsheets via Zoom screenshare is so. much. fun.
    I'm also sharing below a host of links to research and policy related
    resources from COSSA, the Consortium of Social Science Associations, of
    which the School of Social Sciences (with Social Ecology and Education)
    is an institutional member. Some of them will be of interest to various
    members of our community.
    Tomorrow, tune in for a discussion with elected leaders, moderated
    by yours truly, titled "UCI Forum on COVID-19: Where Are We & What
    to Expect Next for Public Policy" (it's going to be pre-recorded,
    not live). Mayor Shea, Supervisor Wagner, Assemblywoman Petrie-Norris,
    State Senator Moorlach, and Representative Correa will all be there. It
    *should* be posted sometime after 3pm at I'll
    send it around in tomorrow's message when I know for sure.
    And in the spirit of life and work getting all jumbled--I write from
    the dining table, which has been overtaken by Thunder Hollow...
    Be well (and scroll down for the COSSA links),

    Fighting COVID-19 with Social Science: Resources for Congressional Offices
    Fighting COVID-19 with Social Science: Examples from the Research
    American Psychological Association: COVID-19 Information and Resources
    Association for Public Policy Management and Analysis: COVID-19 Member Resources, Data and Research Collaboration Hub
    Population Association of America: Population Scientists' Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
    Social Science Resource Council: COVID-19 and the Social Sciences
    Department of Defense Basic Research: Frequently Asked Questions for DOD Research Proposers and Awardees Impacted
    Congressional Research Service: Effects of COVID-19 on the Federal Research and Development Enterprise, April 10, 2020
    Congressional Research Service: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
    Minerva-funded Researchers on COVID-19
    NIFA: Rapid Response to Novel Coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2): Impacts Across Food and Agricultural Systems
    Census Bureau: COVID-19 Demographic and Economic Resources
    Societal Experts Action Network: COVID-19 Survey Archive
    University of Southern California Center for Economic and Social Research: Understanding Coronavirus in America tracking survey
    Northwestern University: COVID-19 Social Change Survey
    University of Washington, Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation: COVID-19 Projections
    We desperately need sound data to understand COVID impacts, Nick Hart & Charlie Rothwell, The Hill, April 28, 2020
    Social Science Research in a COVID-19 World, Northwestern University Institute for Policy Research, April 8, 2020
    Congress Needs More Scientific Expertise to Fight COVID-19, Ali Nouri, Scientific American, April 6, 2020