end of week 4, heat wave, Goat 2 Meeting, and fall planning

Bill Maurer
Friday Apr 24 17:15:29 PDT 2020
    Dear all,

    We made it through Week 4, just in time for a mini-heat wave. First
    I want to again encourage everyone to continue to practice social
    distancing, even though it might be a challenge this weekend when the
    sun and sand seem to beckon! Second I want to again thank everyone
    for supporting each other, your loved ones at home or far afield, and
    our campus community. This morning we had an fun gathering of 20ish
    alums and donors in a "coffee chat" -- Ken Marlin, '76, spoke on the
    outlook for mergers and acquisitions -- and then a terrific Zot Zeries
    conversation with Graeme Boushey in Poli Sci, attended by over 70 people,
    including a number of undergrads who asked really smart questions about
    the policy process during and after a pandemic. The recording of that
    session will be on our website soon. An unexpected surprise: Graeme's
    parents attended! Isn't that super cute? I guess the silver lining to
    our online existence now is that we get to be with far flung friends
    and relatives in a whole new way. (And thanks, Graeme!).
    Meticulous readers of my daily missives correctly caught on to my
    intimation yesterday that Fall may be partially or wholly online. Plans
    are afoot. I think it is becoming more likely that, barring significant
    changes in the outlook for the pandemic: 1) accommodations will be
    made for those in higher risk groups to remain "remote," 2) graduate
    instruction will take place on campus with social distancing provisions
    in place (seminars held in lecture halls, for instance), 3) undergraduate
    instruction will be wholly online.
    Again, this is one plan (and I'm just giving you the broad outline
    here). It is only a plan. If we don't have to execute it, well then,
    the world will be in a much better place than it is right now, and that's
    a good thing. It will obviously involve a lot of preparation and labor,
    as well as additional instructional resources. I'm sharing it now for the
    sake of transparency as well as to give everyone time to begin to process
    it. I will be back with more specific information as soon as we have it.
    There are also plans afoot for a phased reopening of research
    facilities. I expect to have more information on that next week, too.
    And if you've got questions about the Fall: No better way to get them
    answered by the highest levels of our leadership than to attend next
    week's annual Chancellor's and Provost's School Visit. It's happening
    via Zoom on Wednesday, and we'll send around the info again next week.
    What else? This is fascinating; I am sorely tempted to do this for my
    next virtual gathering of friends; and the peacocks of Long Beach are
    apparently back, roaming around close to my neighborhood (though I have
    not seen them yet).
    Enjoy the weekend and stay safe!