planning and jellyfish

Bill Maurer
Wednesday Apr 22 17:32:29 PDT 2020
    Dear all,

    Some important updates for this hump day. First, you may have seen
    the news that Cal State Fullerton is planning to begin the Fall term
    online. You'll note from the article that at this point this is a plan
    based on the assumption that the situation will not be conducive to
    a full, in-person reopening. Things might change in a more favorable
    direction. University Business, a trade rag for higher ed, also reports
    more and more universities and colleges planning for online or remote
    instruction and/or a phase-in of in-person instruction during Fall.
    I am a big big advocate of planning--even if the plans never have to be
    executed. Here at Irvine, the Chancellor has convened a new strategic
    advisory group to come up with a number of different scenarios for what
    our re-opening will look like. We can expect to hear more soon. At a
    meeting with the deans today, the Provost committed to invest in what we
    will need to be successful if we do need to offer more remote instruction
    in the Fall. Such support will also likely include resources for graduate
    students to assist in instructional development and design, during summer
    and into the academic year--and that's a good thing, too. Stay tuned.
    Speaking of grad students, I ask faculty members please to read the
    email you received today from Pramod Khargonekar and Gillian Hayes about
    thinking creatively with research funds at your disposal to support grad
    students during the summer. Feel free to reach out to me or Mike McBride
    if you need help thinking about how to do this.
    Also, the campus has launched a new website for all Covid-19 related
    information: Check it out!
    And finally: Happy Earth Day! Here is a jellyfish swimming through the
    Venice canals! It brightened my day and I hope it does the same for you.