message for the day--oxygen masks, and Rufus

Bill Maurer
Thursday Apr 16 16:49:23 PDT 2020
    Dear all,

    The things undone on my to-do list for the day include grading a late grad
    student paper to clear a pandemic-related incomplete (I'm almost done but
    not quite); responding to emails that have come in over the past couple
    of days from various research colleagues; responding to some questions
    about a grant proposal; and dealing with an IRB modification. Except for
    the paper (sorry, student in question!) these are all "me"-related,
    not school or university administration-related. For the latter,
    I got done what could be done. So, I'm calling it a successful day
    (even though there's that thing from when we used to be able to fly,
    about putting your own oxygen mask on first before helping others).
    There's not too much to report on the university front other than what's
    becoming more and more obvious--that we are entering into an exceptionally
    difficult budgetary period, and we will have to adapt. The campus and
    the school are already deep in the planning process to deal with whatever
    hits us.
    In my book, pandemics are way scarier than budgets. Budgets I can see
    and manipulate; viruses, not so much. But like pandemics, budgets are
    revealing of our values. I'm keeping this at the front of my mind
    in my conversations with everyone--our undergrads, you, our campus
    leadership. Because at the end of the day I think these values are my
    own oxygen mask.
    I do not have much else for today, so: Here's my dog Rufus! (You're
    welcome, Neil, who requested it).
    Have a great afternoon,