have a great weekend!

Bill Maurer
Friday Apr 10 16:38:27 PDT 2020
    Dear all,

    The weekend, at last. I hope everyone had a good week, however we decide
    to measure that quality in these odd times. One of my gym buddies--who
    is a physician's assistant at a local hospital--said he was grateful for
    all the rain, because it helped keep people inside, and every little bit
    of social distancing helps stem the pace of this pandemic. Again, please
    remember that the most important thing we can do to safeguard our health
    and that of others is... what you're probably doing right now: hanging
    out at home, in front of digital screens of one kind or another,
    juggling a million things at once, but also hopefully finding time to
    decompress, screen-less.

    Some interesting news to share is that our numbers of accepted offers of
    admission to UC Irvine are up. They're up across the board, too: for
    undergrads and grads, for California residents, for nonresident domestic
    students, and for international students. Apparently the numbers for
    adjacent states are down, which might indicate that CA college-bound
    kids are opting to stay closer to home this coming Fall.

    For those who are into this kind of thing, and in the spirit of
    ecumenicalism appropriate to a week when many holidays from different
    traditions coincide, attached is a coloring page by an artist named
    Mollycules (thanks, Jenny for introducing me to her!). She produces,
    among other things, "Buddha doodles"--little inspirational drawings with
    affirmations or quotations to set your day on a good path (again,
    however we can measure that!). She granted me permission to share this
    coloring page with all of you. Fun for families and children of all
    ages! Enjoy, and have a great weekend.