mid-week message

Bill Maurer
Wednesday Apr 8 16:33:27 PDT 2020
    Dear social sciences staff, faculty, graduate students, and lecturers,

    Feels like it was Wednesday just a week ago! But seriously--I wanted to
    wish everyone well in this mid-week check-in, and also to remind everyone
    that now is a time for compassion, flexibility, and understanding. It's
    the best gift we can all offer each other. That, and, well, I suppose
    toilet paper (with thanks to Holly Hapke).

    I wanted to remind the grad students that Vice Provost Hayes keeps an
    archive of her Covid-19 related messages here, with many, many links to
    resources ranging from financial assistance to meditation classes.

    Our own School message archive is here, along with Zoom stuff and other

    People teaching this quarter: Thank you for all that you are doing! I'm
    advising a 4th year undergrad right now on a research project, and in
    our call yesterday she was singing the praises of her social sciences
    instructors, and complaining that her professor in another school (OK,
    it's ICS) does not seem to have gotten the memo.

    All told we're teaching over 13,000 students right now. Just think
    about that, and what it means for our students and their families
    and communities, even as many of them are struggling. I know there
    are lots and lots of struggles right now for all of us, too, in many
    different ways and for equally many reasons, but remembering that we're
    there/here/wherever we are in this distributed space that the university
    has become, helps me envision the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Be well,