Welcome to Week 2!

Bill Maurer
Monday Apr 6 17:28:47 PDT 2020
    Welcome to Week 2!

    The rain was a nice change, but all our dogs are probably disappointed
    they won't get the 5 walks to which they've become accustomed.
    I do want to begin this week by again reiterating the importance of
    social distancing. I know we're all getting a little stir crazy; I know
    that even though many of us are working ... sometimes a little too much,
    we still get bored and feel isolated. But staying safe by staying at
    home is the most important thing we can all do right now to protect each
    other. Our community is already being affected directly by Covid-19,
    but it does seem that we're flattening that curve. Continued vigilance!
    Zoom resources: Zoom bombing is unfortunately still a thing this
    week. Sigh. There are Zoom Resources behind the password-protected part
    of the remote.socsci.uci.edu website, here. You'll need to log in. We
    don't want those rascals learning all our secrets. Please protect your
    Zoom sessions.
    Finally for today: it was pointed out to me that there is an incongruity
    between my gentle ribbing of Jan Brueckner's curmudgeonliness and my
    possession and use of a BlackBerry. Touché. It was then further pointed
    out to me that there are rumors that I have been dressing up for "work"
    every day, as I would if we were at Social Sciences Plaza, right down to
    dress shoes, and that this, too, would indicate that perhaps I am also
    "old fashioned." Yes, well... these rumors are in fact true. Make of it
    what you will.
    Best wishes for the week ahead, and please stay safe!