end of Week 1!

Bill Maurer
Friday Apr 3 16:41:27 PDT 2020
    Dear all,

    Happy Friday! And congrats on making it through Week 1. I was on a Zoom
    with 50-ish deans of arts and sciences in the universities comprising
    the Association of American Universities today. It was interesting to
    learn how common the experiences have been across the country's research
    universities. We were all nodding our heads as we shared what we've
    been doing and how things have been going. The other deans reported
    that the students overwhelmingly have been expressing their gratitude
    for their professors, TAs and university staff for helping them to have
    structure and a sense of order in their lives right now. I know that
    that is the case here, too--so, thank you again for all that you are
    doing for our students (and for each other!). We all committed ourselves
    to the transformative power of higher education before this pandemic,
    and our jobs just got all the more important in this difficult time.
    As we enter the weekend and then Week 2, I want to reiterate that
    everyone's health and safety remains our collective top priority and top
    responsibility. This means continuing to adhere to social distancing
    and the Governor's stay at home order, as well as being flexible with
    each other and our students. Thank you all for doing your part to keep
    yourself and others safe, and sane.
    And enjoy your weekend! Dan Paley sent along this article giving us all
    permission to "abandon the performative and embrace the authentic," as
    the author writes. The New York Times also has this terrific offering on
    the same theme. (You may need to log in through the Library to view it).
    In case people are looking for things to do, I plan on doing the
    1) I will figure out how to make the Google Arts and Culture app work
    on my BlackBerry (yes, I have a BlackBerry. The youngsters here won't
    know what that is. It's like an iPhone, only far superior in every way).
    2) I have made the intention to visit some of LACMA's LACMA@home
    stuff--especially the "sonic" exhibitions, which sound (!) fun, 
    like this one on the "Sounds of Fiji."
    3) I have made the intention, meaning..... I might not actually ever make
    it to LACMA@home, because on Sunday, I am FOR SURE remotely attending
    Jewels Stay At Home Sunday Drag Brunch. Sunday, noon, at @jewelslongbeach
    on Instagram or Facebook. (Warning, mild adult content!). Jewels is a
    Long Beach treasure, and was even once granted the keys to the city! Last
    week was her first time performing for "stay at home brunch," and over
    200 people were "there."
    (I also have the intention of finishing up a chapter I'm writing for a
    book... due date: March 13! Oops. That was before all this fun began. Wish
    me luck!).
    4) Jonathan Lui put me onto Drawful 2 on Jackbox Games, which allows
    for multiple players and which the SSARC will be using for one of our
    undergrad community-building activities. And that led me to this fun list
    of things to do, which I may explore, too.
    Sara Mednick told me she assembled a basketball hoop for her kids. I
    have no such ambition, and certainly lack the requisite skills, but we
    DO have a kiddie pool, and we'll see what we can get going with that.
    Please take good care, and see you next week!