Day 1, Week 1

Bill Maurer
Monday Mar 30 16:19:11 PDT 2020
    Dear all,

    Let us begin with a little exhortation: that there never again be
    another Spring quarter as strange as this one will be. And a prayer:
    that the Internet backbone remains resilient, as do we all. I hope
    everyone took a chance for some relaxation last week and over the
    weekend, to prepare for our new adventure together: conducting our
    entire educational, research, and administrative operations remotely,
    online, using technologies many of us didn't even know existed the week
    before last. (Has anyone else besides me downloaded Houseparty?).
    I know there are challenges--and will be more. Some will be minor
    annoyances; some may be much more weighty, while we are also worrying
    about and caring for our loved ones at home and all those from whom we
    are physically distant yet durably, emotionally tethered to.
    But I'd like to ask those of you who taught today, or met (virtually)
    with students, advisees or research collaborators: what went right this
    Monday? What worked well, or surprised you in a good way? I'll share
    some responses over the coming days.
    Of course, we would like to know what's not going so well, so we can see
    what we can do to address the problems that will no doubt arise, or
    which we can't have anticipated. So send those along, too. You know
    where to find me.
    I want to take a moment to express my appreciation for Allison Marks in
    the Dean's Office and Helen Morgan and her team. They have been fielding
    our students' questions all day long and directing them to the
    information and assistance they need--via phone, email, online chat,
    text message, and just about every other modality of communication we
    have at our disposal. Thank you!
    Tick it off your calendar (unless you have a night class tonight, in
    which case, do it later on this evening):
    Spring quarter, Week one, Day 1. Check.
    Take good care,