Thursday notes and holiday weekend

Bill Maurer
Thursday Mar 26 16:51:21 PDT 2020
Dear all,

We've made it through our second week of our new times. Whew. I know it's
been a big adjustment, and there are still many anxieties and unanswered
questions (like... will I disclose the answers to the worksheets on Ormie
the Pig?? No. I will not. Academic integrity, people!). I am very proud of
what we have accomplished as a School and a community over the past two
weeks. Thank you all so very much for your tremendous effort--and your
esprit de corps. It will serve us well as we enter the Spring quarter.

I have few announcements. I know people are wondering what the new Pass/No
Pass option will mean. Please stay tuned for further updates. Helen
Morgan's group will be identifying potential areas of concern and will
be drafting a message to majors (and us) to help us navigate.

Grades for Winter are due... almost now.

And tomorrow is a holiday! Please take some time for self-care and rest,
preferably away from screens. See you all next week!

Be well,