Daily update. Home schooling and beet hummus.

Bill Maurer
Wednesday Mar 25 16:03:32 PDT 2020
Hi everyone! Just my usual afternoon hello and a few items of interest:

1) A lot of messages have been coming your way about things like privacy
as we transition to remote instruction; concerns over "Zoombombing" (a
new word!), which involves malicious attacks on Zoom meetings; Canvas,
Canvas and oh, did I mention Canvas? More will surely come. As I've said
before, take a deep breath... and let it all out. We will get
information out to the specific groups in our social sciences community
via the channels we have established, when we have good, actionable
information for you. If you ever have any questions, you know where to
find us. For those of you teaching in the Spring: focus on the messages
coming to the TeachingNow list for resources and updates.

2) I am pleased to say that many discussions are taking place about
various ways to mitigate the impact on our students (undergrads and grad
students alike) of our new circumstances. Again, when there is
substantive news, we will share it; if campus announcements come before
I am able to email you, we'll translate or clarify those campus
messages, as needed.

3) The buildings are now closed. SSPB 1222 is available for remote
instruction purposes; please email Social Sciences Computing Services at
sscs@uci.edu for scheduling. Computing services staff will assist you
via Zoom or phone, not in person. Otherwise, though, no one should be in
the buildings. Facilities will be walking the halls and the plazas to
check on things. If you need to pick something up, please contact Becky
or Gregory for (limited) access.

That's really it for today. In other news, I can now make beet hummus, I
have sprouted some cilantro from seed, and I am getting pretty good at
answering worksheet questions about what Ormie the Pig is doing. Yes.
Working from home allows us all to discover our hidden talents!