Soc Sci daily roundup

Bill Maurer
Wed Mar 18 17:01:08 PDT 2020
Dear faculty, lecturers, grad students and staff,

Here's the daily roundup!

1) Remote Instruction Workshop: Thanks to everyone who participated
in today's session on remote instruction! A video link will soon be
posted at, under "Events," along with the slides
and the chat discussion. We'll also share slides on using Zoom and
YuJa. Everything will be at resources
under "Teaching" and recordings of events under "Events." Tomorrow,
we'll do it again: Same time, 12pm, same Zoom link, same content but
of course the conversation will dictate what else gets covered. Feel
free to join, one and all. Gianna will re-send the link with a reminder
tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, DTEI is continuously updating their own site
(; expect an email about additional
resources from Vice Provost Michael Dennin's office.

2) Janet DiVincenzo aka knight in shining armor for remote instruction
will be hosting 2 daily office hours and will also be available for
one-on-one appointments. She will be emailing everyone who is teaching
next quarter information on the schedule and on how best to contact her.

3) First Soc Sci "Remote" Lecture: For those of you who missed Dr
Stephen Molldrem's lecture yesterday, "The Social Science of Public
Health Emergencies, from AIDS to COVID 19," it is now available, also
on the Remote website (, under "Events." More to
come! We'll come up with a snappy title for this lecture series (or,
since it's Zoom... a "zeries"?).

4) Online Privacy: Some of us are concerned about student (and staff,
and faculty) privacy in this new world where everything is being done
digitally. We have kicked this concern up to the higher levels of the
administration, along with UCSD's newly released guidelines, which you may
view here: Stay tuned.

5) Work/Life... Imbalances and Childcare Needs: We also know everyone
is struggling with juggling childcare and working from home. Associate
Dean Robnett, Equity Advisor Bolzendahl and others are in conversation
about how we can best help out faculty, staff and grad students, despite
the fact that social distancing places severe restrictions on what can
be done in person or in people's homes.

6) Academic Careers and Academic Review: We are also all concerned
about the implications of working from home, research disruption, the
challenges we are all facing in providing care to children, the elderly
and loved ones in general, on academic careers and academic review. The
systemwide Vice Provosts for Academic Personnel and the Academic Senate
are having conversations about this, and I think you can expect additional
communiques on this issue in the coming days.

7) Research Disruption: Associate Deans McBride and Robnett will be
attending a virtual meeting with the Vice Chancellor for Research on
this and related topics on Friday. They'll report out any relevant news
as it impacts faculty and graduate students. Holly Hapke is tracking
the conversations in Washington, DC, as the federal agencies figure out
their own action plans.

8) Mental health resources: We're also asking campus contacts in mental
health for faculty, staff and grad students to let us know how best to
connect with them during this period so that everyone knows what will
be available, and in what format.

9) Lockdown: To give you maximum warning in case of a lockdown:
Look, Lorelei locked down the Libraries. I say that not just for
the alliteration, but to get you prepared. We know that there are
conversations taking place about further restrictions on access to campus
buildings. We are also fairly certain that if there are further building
closures, we will be given notice, and an opportunity to retrieve items
we need. I would recommend however that if you need to access materials
in your office, just go and get them tomorrow so you don't have to worry
about it anymore. And wash your hands.

That's all for now. See some of you tomorrow in the teaching workshop!