Soc Sci update on COVID-19

Bill Maurer
Wed Mar 11 13:19:08 PDT 2020
Dear social sciences faculty, lecturers, grad
students, and staff,

By now, you should have seen yesterday’s announcement from the
Chancellor explaining that starting next week, finals will be administered
remotely and beginning spring quarter, we are transitioning fully to
remote learning mode. Classes Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week
will continue as planned, in-person, but we recognize that many students
and faculty are concerned and urge faculty to be as flexible as possible
regarding attendance. I am holding my last class this quarter as usual,
but permitted students to attend remotely using Zoom.

The campus will remain open, meaning faculty and staff will have access
to offices and most operations will continue through some combination of
on-site resources and telecommuting. Per the Chancellor’s message,
students have been instructed to return to their off-campus residences
and limited services will be available for students who are not able
to relocate.

Rest assured we’ll be getting you additional information as it
becomes available. Please review my previous email noting helpful
instructions and resources for Canvas, Zoom and Yuja, and expect
forthcoming emails today about final exams and workshops on remote
course delivery.

The Chancellor declared that all events of less than 100 participants
should be canceled. We recommend canceling, rescheduling or
remote-delivery of all events.

Soc sci staff are putting in place business continuity plans and are
consulting with department chairs and faculty on specific measures that
may be needed.  Please consider the potential impact on lab and
research operations if there is a disruption in supply chain or delivery
of certain equipment or supplies and inform your department manager of
these concerns.

Stay up to date on campus and health-related news about COVID19 at
Campus has established the UCI Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Response Center. Students, staff, faculty, parents,
and community partners may call 949-824-9918 or email covid19
at to connect directly for more information.

Many more emails to come as we all navigate this new path together –
thank you for your patience and understanding as we find our way.